Born in Ankara, Gulnur Gunes, decided to make her interest in fashion a profession while studying at the department of European Union and International Relations of Istanbul Bilgi University. She started to study Istanbul Fashion Academy at the same time. After completing her education in both institutions, Gulnur Gunes had a decisive step into the fashion world and since then, she has been introducing her designs with the fashion lovers in her chic boutique in Nisantasi.

In Gulnur Gunes designs, refined and cherry picked details uniquely form a whole. Beyond the patterns pictured in mind, a whole means the idea to form a true identity; it means that design describes itself without the need to be described. There you have an elegant woman underlining a feminine and romantic silhouette and thinking that dressing well is an art.

Gulnur Gunes collection - inspired by the curvaceous, slim waisted and independent woman silhouette of 60s that reminds us of a sand glass – is rising above the notion of power in 2012 and 2013. Gulnur Gunes turns the perception of identifying the notion of power with men upside down. She is inspired by the women representing the power of notion combined with elegance and who do not hesitate to display their feminine looks.

Thanks to Gulnur Gunes, “woman” is no longer confined in a pattern; she is inside an endless universe where she can express her own identity freely; she is now unique and extraordinary.

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